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The Personal Injury Professionals.
We Know How Insurance Companies Think.™

All of the lawyers at Naimark Law Firm previously defended insurance companies before switching sides and the founder of the firm, Ryan Naimark did so for 20 years (while also representing accident victims). Our previous experience has provided us with the unique tools to ensure that you get the maximum compensation which you deserve. As a result of our experience defending insurance companies for so many years, we have unique insight into the inner workings of the insurance claim process and we know how to build a case from the outset to maximize your fair compensation. In essence, we know how insurance companies think and operate and we know what they need to see and hear to justify paying you an optimal and fair settlement.

My 20 years defending insurance companies has given me an exceptional understanding of how they operate and where they err. The result is optimal recovery for my clients.

—Ryan Naimark

Founder and Lawyer