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Our Expertise & Services

The Personal Injury Professionals.

Personal Injury

All of the lawyers at Naimark Law Firm previously defended insurance companies before switching sides and the founder of the firm, Ryan Naimark did so for 20 years (while also representing accident victims). As a result of our experience defending insurance companies for so many years, Naimark Law Firm has unique insight into the inner workings of the insurance claim process and he knows how to build a case from the outset to maximize your fair compensation. In essence, we know how insurance companies think and operate and we know what they need to see and hear to justify paying you an optimal and fair settlement.


Our team at Naimark Law Firm prides ourselves with receiving optimal results for our clients to ensure they obtain the fair compensation that they deserve. This is only achieved as a result of leaving no stone unturned and building your case from the first time that you walk into our office. This is true whether your case involves a bodily injury (tort claim) against the at fault party, an accident benefits claim or a short term/long term disability claim or all of the above.

We handle

• Motor Vehicle Accidents

• Catastrophic Claims

• Brain Injuries

• Medical Malpractice

• Slip and Fall

• Fatality-Related Claims

• Assault and Battery

• Spinal Cord Injuries

• Pedestrian/Cyclist

• Dog Bites

• Disability Claims

• Wildlife Collisions

• Snowmobile/ATV

years combined experience
locations to serve you
10s of Millions
in settlements

Wrongful Dismissal

Developing out of our personal injury practice, Naimark Law has also built a significant wrongful dismissal practice. We know that when a person is unable to return to work as a result of injuries sustained in an accident, the employer is not always understanding often leading to a wrongful termination of employment. You can rest assured knowing that your lawyer at Naimark Law Firm will also be able to guide you on employment related issues and will be able to expertly handle your wrongful dismissal case achieving the excellent results which you expect. In fact, Ryan has handled significant and high profile wrongful dismissal cases over the years.